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We at Oracle Financial Services offer the most unique value proposition for our clients today. Through a consultative process underscored by a robust proprietary fintech platform, your financial position, insurance and assurance product experience, investment, retirement and estate position are analyzed in real-time and aligned with your personal needs and objectives.

A Trusted Partner In Wealth Creation

At Oracle Financial Services, we empower our clients with a complete overview of their financial portfolio, using unparalleled experience, expertise and the latest tools.

Our focus remains on delivering cost-effective and dependable financial solutions to our clients and helping them create more value at lower cost.

We are contracted to most major providers and we are an Authorised Financial Services Provider.

Our Specialised Solutions

Understanding the objectives of our clients and analyzing their complete portfolio instead of just a part thereof, coupled with 1-STOP service, is the key to our success and the financial wellbeing of our clients. We are independent from the product providers with whom we do business, therefore ensuring our clients of fair, unbiased, independent and ethical advice.

We focus on our key area, which is our clients’ long-term financial growth. On their behalf, we follow a carefully developed analysis process that looks at the best interest of the client in terms of their financial objectives.

When recommending or designing tailor-made financial solutions for our clients, we create the perfect fit, finding the appropriate product mix to meet our clients’ goals.

The sales of products are not a factor when we enter into an agreement with our clients, rather the taking on of long-term client-partners is our main priority.

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We advise, structure and manage financial plans across the full spectrum of financial services on behalf of our Clients, their Families, and where relevant, their Businesses and Assets.

As Wealth Advisors and Investment Professionals, we coordinate the resources of the firm to:

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Financial Products
Retirement Products
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Wealth and Portfolio Management Services

Personal Advisory Service

Oracle Financial Services has developed a platform that enables specialist advisory capability with the ability to leverage varying financial systems and connects them to provide seamless integration of savings, resulting in increased returns and covers to our clients at lower costs.

Clients enjoy significant financial benefits through well-managed fee structures and elimination of factors that cause adviser-client conflict of interest. Our highly professional staff are assisted by our effective administration system built on a robust fintech platform, and the analytical capabilities of senior management with over 150 years combined experience in the industry.

Tailor-made Bespoke Portfolios

At Oracle Financial Services, our advisory process focuses on two things; Saving Clients Money and Building Long Term Wealth.

We are committed to providing you with the best advice at all times, supported by an unparalleled platform that is designed to create the most appropriate solution to your identified needs and objectives.

Personal Financial Planning

A complete analysis of your financial objectives, financial products, retirement, savings and investment products, credit position and budget is undertaken.


Reports are generated outlining the value of existing provisions and the shortfalls that may exist, as well as the comparison to potentially more cost-effective or value-effective solutions.


Our recommendations are focused on saving clients’ money while creating value, not product sales, and we improve benefits and advise on changing habits that can generate savings for improved benefits or better returns, while allocating savings to your long-term wealth planning.


Via a series of consultations we implement and manage your selected recommendations in terms of our portfolio management services to ensure that objectives are met, and also that no potential unnecessary switching of business takes place.


Recommending a Retirement Annuity fund

We source the ideal provider, where each individual employee applies to become a member of a Retirement Annuity Fund. Once a member of the fund, the employee and the employer decide on how much they will contribute to the fund on a monthly basis. These funds are received on a group basis from the employer.


Members are enrolled in risk and investment portfolios from a list of approved providers and funds to achieve a perfect blend that supports the group objective.


The employer deducts the member’s contribution from their salaries and pays this contribution via EFT directly to the Provider’s nominated bank account on a monthly basis


Recommending Preservation pension/provident plans / Living Annuity plans

These plans assist in preserving your savings as well as allowing your retirement savings to continue to grow, once you have left an employer’s pension and/or provident fund.


All growth (Capital and Income) within this investment is completely tax-free. Flexible investment choices – members preserve and grow their retirement benefits already accumulated.


Our post-retirement savings and income solution will help grow your retirement savings whilst providing you with a regular income.


Institutional Advisory Service

At Oracle Financial Services, we are cognizant of the fact that your employees are very important to the sustainability and longevity of your business. That is why we offer a “payslip cleanup service”, a unique service that is designed to rid you of unnecessary premiums and payments of duplicated products.

We can recommend structured plans that are ideally suitable to your employees’ future, with plans in place that genuinely help them towards securing their future, then trust is secured between employer and employee. We have formulated solutions that will cater to your business well-being that is non-ambiguous and hassle-free. Our cost-effective advisory service offers advice on tax savvy, transparent, flexible, and cost-effective solutions and we provide regular reporting on these solutions.

Administration Services

Through the Oracle Financial Services Platform, we provide comprehensive administration and portfolio management services to individuals, families, corporations, and organizations.

We also assist with the creation of various bespoke product solutions for clients, through co-operative structuring of multiple-provider financial solutions and switching to lower cost/higher value solutions.

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